Collaboration is Key. From putting pen to paper to putting stakes in the ground, Covey Landscape Architects prides itself on our hands on, all inclusive approach to every project that hits our desks. With a special balance of skill sets, our studio applies strong design concepts and practical construction implementation to every project.  From intimate garden design to large scale masterplans we value an open and inquisitive, yet practical approach to to our design process.
We are passionate about the outdoors, adventure and our great state of Texas. That passion is reflected in our design approach, our clients, and our community involvement.  Covey Landscape Architects are devoted to designing and building spaces that invoke community pride and increase environmental stewardship.


CLA was created out of the innovative vision of KPA Engineers. KPA has provided creative and innovative civil engineering solutions throughout Texas since 1983. With offices in Temple and Georgetown, their focus is to improve the safety and quality of life in the communities they serve through innovation, the application of advanced technology and an unmatched commitment to excellence. With the collaboration between KPA and CLA projects can be run through a comprehensive, full service, in house approach where quality and open communication lead to completed projects within scheduled timeframes and within budget.

Georgetown Office on Main St.

Covey Landscape Architects Principal Ronnie Stafford, PLA
Covey founders Travis Crow and Ronnie Stafford bonded during their time together at a large Austin Landscape Architecture firm. They shared a passion for outdoor adventure and do it yourself projects. Whether an adventurous road trip or a weekend project their collaboration process to accomplish anything was natural. After 10 years, Travis and Ronnie realized their professional talents rarely crossed in the workplace. This gave them insight into a common gap between design and project implementation.
The collaboration used in their road trip experiences and weekend projects inspired Covey Landscape Architecture. Branded by the natural habit quail have to gather in small groups, Covey embraces that small group mentality resulting in well rounded, all encompassing collaboration.  Having the passion to do good work in an honest and pure way, Travis and Ronnie united their talents to design and complete any project together, from inception to completion.
Covey Landscape Architects Principal Travis Crow, landscape designer and illustrator